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This photo was taken yesterday by the County Road Crew,  just below the Marvine Campground located at the Marvine Trailhead.  Colorado Division of Wildlife brought in 19 moose in 2009 and 20 moose in January, 2010.  We are very excited about having moose in the area.  Several of our hunters were lucky enough to get a glimpse of them last Fall.  The plan is to be able to hunt them sometime in the future.   We are definitely looking forward to that!

5 Responses to Moose

  • That is cool. The first year that we were out there one of our hunters saw a moose also.

  • Hi Ane Marie,
    In the eleven years I have been visiting the Flat Tops, I have seen three moose, and it is very encouraging to see that population growing. Last summer during our fishing trip to the Marvine camp we saw a nice bull that was probably two years old, and he was curious to see us. That tells me that he hasn’t been hunted, and it is nice to see moose being re-introduced into this area.

  • See you still have snow out there too!!

  • What a neat picture. There aren’t too many opportunities to capture a cow and her calf together, looking at the camera!

  • That,s a great picture. It looks like they are taking to the country very well and look healthy

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