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Ann Marie

Please take a few minutes and watch this video about the youth programs that we do in the summer.  It was filmed in 2015 but is something we are proud to be a part of every summer.

In this particular program, we work with Denver Police Dept to bring Denver youth to our camp to experience all the joys that the Flat Tops Wilderness had to offer.  The youth have to earn this trip and many of them have never been camping, fishing or horseback riding.  For them, it is truly the trip of a lifetime!

You can see why I call this, “the most beautiful place on Earth”.   The views from our Marvine Lake Summer Camp are simply breathtaking!

Cyber week isn’t just about finding good deals on electronics and products.  Unlike material objects, experiences and memories enhance our lives.  Book your 2018 trip with Sable Mountain Outfitters during Cyber Week and save!

Contact us today for details!

The 2015 big game hunt applications are due April 7th.

Here are the hunt codes needed for our hunts:

Archery either sex elk:  E-E-033-O1-A

Muzzleloader either sex elk:  E-E-033-O1-M

Muzzleloader cow elk:  E-F-033-O1-M

1st Rifle Season bull elk:  E-M-011-O1-R

1st Rifle Season cow elk:  E-F-011-O1-R

These are the most common.  Contact me at 970.878.4765 or annmarie@sablemountainoutfitters .com if you need assistance with any other codes now shown here.

Good luck in the draw!


 After a mild January and February, we are very grateful for some snow this past weekend.  We are now 98% for snow pack this year so hopefully there’s  more coming in March and April.  March tends to be our snowiest month.

 This photo was taken on Ripple Creek Pass where we are enjoying snowmobiling this winter!










Applications for deer, elk, moose and bear are due APRIL 1, 2014.

If you have booked a hunt with Sable Mountain Outfitters, here are the hunt codes you will need for your application:




1ST RIFLE (OCT. 11-15) BULL:  E-M-011-O1-R

These are the most common, if you need help with any other licenses, please do not hesitate to contact me at 970-878-4765 or

Good luck in the draw!

2014 is an exciting year for us!  This year Sable Mountain Outfitters is celebrating 15 years in business!!15years-310x150

My son, Mason, was selected as a national finalist for the National FFA Organization’s national profiency award in Outdoor Recreation – Entrepreneurship/Placement.  He was one of only four people in the nation selected to compete for the this award …at the 86th National FFA Convention in Louisville, KY!    Profiency awards recognize outstanding student achievement in agribusiness gained through establishment of a new business, working for an existing company or otherwise gaining hands-on career experience.  As many of you know, Mason works for our family business, Sable Mountain Outfitters, and does an outstanding job within all areas of the business.  In recognition of being a national finalist, Mason received this plaque and $500 sponsored by Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA. Way to go Mason!  We are so proud of you!!!Mason @ National FFA

The 2012 Big Game Hunting Regulations & Brochure from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife is now available.  Applications elk licenses are now being accepted and are due Tuesday, April 3, 2012.

It’s quick and easy to apply online and if you need help, hunt planners with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife are available Mon – Fri from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain time at 303-291-7526.  The online access to the brochure is:

For those that have a hunt booked with Sable Mountain Outfitters, use these hunt codes:

Archery (Aug. 25 – Sept. 23)  E-E-033-O1-A (Either sex tag)

Muzzleloader (Sept. 8 – 16)  E-E-033-O1-M (Either sex)  or  E-F-033-O1-M (Cow)

First Rifle Season (Oct. 13 – 17)  E-E-011-O1-R (Either sex) or E-F-011-O1-R (Cow)

Please contact me if you have any questions.  Good luck!

~Ann Marie